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Launch event for landmark report and platform “Lethal in Disguise 2”

On 22 March 2023, PHR and INCLO launched in a virtual event their landmark report Lethal in Disguise 2: How Crowd-Control Weapons Impact Health and Human Rights, which documents new evidence about the harms of crowd-control weapons on protesters all over the world.

Washington Post investigative journalist Shibani Mahtani led an interactive conversation with crowd-control weapons experts from around the globe, including Dr. Rohini Haar, lead author and PHR medical advisor, human rights activist Fatia Maulidiyanti (KontraS, Indonesia), researcher and activist Alejandro Rodríguez (Temblores – Colombia), and others. The discussion highlighted the new report’s rigorous documentation of injuries and deaths of protestors due to crowd-control weapons, insights from country case studies, and policy recommendations to protect both the lives of demonstrators and the rights of assembly, association and free expression.